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The Pinkypoos Experience

In 1995 myself The Real Angelica & herself The Real Gina, started The Pinkypoos Experience in the basement of the Mas Cafe, All Saints' Rd, Notting Hill, London W11. Every Tuesday night without fail, we presented & produced this strange show that featured local singers, rappers & comedians whether they were unknown or literally, global stars.

After a few years we outgrew the Mas Cafe and moved by invitation, round the corner to the Tabernacle Theatre.

Now monthly, Pinkypoos could include a dance troupe (Poospeople) and make short comedy films. You can see these iconic cult films directed by Marcus Daborn, on the Vimeo link below.


A lot of people gave a lot of their time to make Pinkypoos into an Experience. Performers, musicians, film makers, actors, stage managers, lighting & video, dancers, and most importantly the Audience who religiously came to our shows and often took part against their will.

Although Gina left Pinkypoos to pursue a more lucrative hobby we remain firm friends to this day and often wonder why we once thought it funny to present a show with our feet strapped to tennis rackets.

Unfortunately I have an enormous archive of audio recordings and video of every show (on & off stage) we ever did. I edited this into a 1 hour documentary for the Portobello Film Festival which won Most Popular Film 2003.

The Pinkypoos Experience ended in 2004 when it premiered Sixth Sense The Musical at the Electric Cinema on the Portobello Road.

The two people the show owed the most to, have sadly now died. Henk (Hank) Tagowski & (The) Howard Marks. We hope they knew how much we appreciated their patronage.

Artwork and font by Anthony Wilkinson

What Would Jesus Drink?

What Would Jesus Drink?

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The Portobello Film Festival: 

13th August 2003. 

The Elgin, Ladbroke Grove London W11.

The Pinkypoos Experience screened a 1 hour behind the scenes documentary, interspersed with our short films Terminator the Musical, The Pootrix, Psychopoos etc.

The film won Most Popular Film of the festival - the Elgin was so packed you couldn't get in - we were sponsored as usual by Seriously Pinky Vodka and hired a Jesus to give out samples of vodka. The photo's are of integral members of the production team, some wearing our What Would Jesus Drink tees. 

Our relationship with Pinky Vodka: 

When we started the show in the Mas Cafe in All Saint's Rd, naturally we had our poster in the window. Designed by Anthony Wilkinson it had our unique font of the word Pinkypoos.

Then someone suggested we approach a company producing Pinky vodka they had seen for sale in a bar. We didn't need to look far to find them, their office was literally 3 doors around the corner from the Mas Cafe.

The font on their bottle looked terribly familiar. Instead of marching round there and threatening to sue, we asked them to sponsor us. They readily agreed,(wiping the sweat off their brows).

They knew that we knew that they knew they'd ripped us off.

The WWJD film we made for the show was our finest work and shows my husband Kevin Armstrong (Pinkpoos' musical director) and I in a really good light. 

Unfinished Sympathy by Shara Nelson at the Pinkypoos Experience

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