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The Cat Butlers

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What a hilarious and engaging cast of cats and characters. An eccentric and wonderfully spun yarn, but bang up to date with reality TV and tweeting teenagers. Most importantly the first book to have me guffawing out loud in absolutely yonks, thank you! It will definitely be in the Xmas stockings of my younger friends and relations and all cat lovers. A must read and a modern comic classic.

Jim Jessop.


What a delightful book to read, a story that draws you into the mischievous world of cats. Well written and a must read for both young and old. Would recommend this book, an amusing story both light and funny.

Selina Davies.


Hilariously funny book, supposedly for children, but keeping me laughing and gripped at 58 years old! Highly recommended.


The Featherstonhaughs (pronounced Fanshaw) are a modern family on the move.

Dad, Mum, Frank 11 & Infanta 14, relocate from London to a house near the sea, with their four scheming cats.

Dad works as a musician and money worries cause him to joke darkly about sending the cats to a pie factory, so the piqued pussies hatch a plot to dispose of him.

Things don’t go according to plan when the local vet lures two of them to star in a reality TV show and the prospect of fame and fortune turn their heads.

Frank suspects the cats might be killers, and is determined to prove it. Meanwhile his sister Infanta pretends to be a socialite with royal connections on Twitter.

When she tweets to her thousands of followers that her dad is a spy and has been poisoned by Russian agents, the press get involved and Dad’s life begins to unravel.

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